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The Poster Art of Zoltron" at Peoples Art of Portland.

His true identity unrevealed, Zoltron is best known for his poster art, street art, and the co-creation of his two children. Zoltron currently curates the ongoing Primus Poster Series and continues to work with lots of bands, some of which include The Black Keys, Die Antwoord, Soundgarden, Devo, PJ Harvey,, Alice in Chains, The Residents, Faith No More, The Melvins and most importantly Neil Hamburger among others.  These will all be on display in Zoltron’s upcoming solo show “The Poster Art of Zoltron" which opens Saturday, October 18th at The Peoples Art of Portland Gallery in Portland, Oregon.  You can see more work from the show below:

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Tanny needs a girly friend….. the struggle is real :/

Tanny needs a girly friend….. the struggle is real :/


Or, “How do you discover a place that’s already been discovered, day. (X)


Cocoon and Evolved Metallic Mechanitis Butterfly Chrysalis from Costa Rica



The Breakfast Club (1985) dir. John Hughes

Saturday, March 24, 1984. Shermer High School, Shermer, Illinois, 60062.

Dear Mr. Vernon,

We accept the fact that we had to sacrifice a whole Saturday in detention for whatever it was we did wrong. What we did was wrong. But we think you’re crazy to make us write an essay telling you who we think we are. What do you care? You see us as you want to see us — in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions. You see us as a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess and a criminal. Correct? That’s the way we saw each other at 7:00 this morning. We were brainwashed.

I think im In love :O

Whats the point of being at this party.
Hey girl, your just another trend.
Now your all over the place.
Let go, cus I get allong better with your best friend.



One corgi, two corgi, three corgi, four corgi…

Save these pictures before you lose it on your dash

I wont pay, I wont pay ya no wa-a-ay na na why dont you get a job X)